Consult with our expert carpenters and home remodeling professionals to quickly restore and renovate your home, basement, office, or store. Call today about your Home or Business Renovation at 917-657-3346 What makes Green Light Carpenters great? Get an assessment of your home, basement, or store renovation within 24-48 hours All carpenters and contractors are licensed & insured We […]

Our team of Water Damage Restoration experts in Queens & Rockaways are standing by to take care of any emergency flood or water damage situation. Locations served in Queens and Rockaways for water damage restoration: Rockaways Breezy Point Rockaway Point Roxbury Neponsit Belle Harbor Rockaway Park Call 917-657-3346 * Please be advised that in many gated communities […]

Our brick, siding, and stucco contractors are experts in exterior wall repair. During the assessment of water damage to exterior walls we will assess the extent of damage and proceed to: Recover exterior walls, windows, and exterior ornaments Repair salvaged materials and parts of EIFS (Exterior Insulations Finishing Systems) Remove installations damaged by water beyond […]

Our carpenters are recognized throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island for their interior recovery, repair, and remodeling after water damage due to floods and main water pipe bursts. We’ve seen it all. In many circumstances attempts to dry walls and floors can lead to serious mold and mildew growths that may remain hidden for months […]

Water Damage Restoration in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island Restoration of Residential or Commercial spaces Mold Removal and Remediation Total Clean Up Removal of Damaged Walls Odors Cleaned Able to Bill Insurance Expert Carpenters for Interior Rebuilding Expert Brick, Stucco and EIFS experts for Exterior Wall Repair Locations served for Water Damage Restoration: Water Damage […]

Brooklyn Water Damage Restoration team consists of water removal team, water damage repair specialists, carpenters, and exterior wall contractors who specialize in water damage restoration. Water Damage Restoration Brooklyn locations: Seagate Manhattan Beach Brighton Beach Coney Island Mill Basin    

Our Water Removal Crew will be in Manhattan Beach, Coney Island on Saturday November 3rd from 7 am. Please call 917-657-3346 We may be unable to pick up the phone due to unreliable mobile phone service. Please text us your address to 917-657-3346 and we’ll send our water pumping crew over as soon as possible. You can […]